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My very first video project was a music video that had to be ingested from a VCR to my blueberry iMac computer to edit. Yes, I had a Blueberry iMac. It was there that I discovered my passion for capturing a compelling story. That drive led him to create stories for small projects which lead me to work for a non-profit production company as a Junior Editor. It was there that I learned many techniques of filming, editing, lighting, composition, and many other filmmaking techniques. I was privileged to learn from many talented editors, producers, and directors.

With this knowledge, I filmed interviews and short stories that focused on the impacts of Education Reform.  While traveling from coast to coast I met brilliant teachers, politicians and had the opportunity to even meet the Temptations.  Through these experiences, I was able to gain the knowledge and training to create and share other people’s stories through film. I went on to another non-profit where I filmed vlogs, commercials, and product promotions. At this non-profit, I was the Assistant Media Director where I was responsible for building a team of other inspiring and talented creatives. I was thrilled that I was now passing along my knowledge teaching and training others. At this non-profit, I also learned graphic design and designing websites, social media marketing, and content marketing.

I continued my experience with more promotional videos, vlogs, music videos, and interviews. I took advantage of an opportunity to change the way wedding videos were made and started adding a cinematic approach and created more of a storytelling style to wedding films.

With a hunger to learn more, I began a pursuit of a degree in Bachelors in Media Communication from Full Sail University. Where I am learning key principals of marketing, content distribution and many other valuable techniques for marketing. My passion is to not only create and tell stories but to create content to help develop brand awareness to companies and small business. Video and Film are evolving into a driving force for business growth and my desire is to help make a difference. I want to help the field of filmmaking and marketing grow while helping others succeed.